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JSN Shine Pro 1.2.5 UPDATED
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JSN Shine is a one-of-a-kind multipurpose Joomla template with 9 completely different niche templates inside. Empowered by the most powerful Joomla template framework and a handy Joomla page builder, JSN Shine helps you effortlessly build any amazing websites you want!

Instant Module Position Creation

Just with drag-n-drop, now you can create Joomla module position on the fly without having to write more codes.

Unlimited Undo & Redo

Undo or redo any action that you made. Worry-free if you accidentally make a mistake.

Smoother site look WITH BOOTSTRAP 3

Made with Bootstrap 3, Sun Framework makes your web development become more intuitive than ever.

800+ Google fonts collection

Say goodbye to manually adding a Google font. Now just simply grab any font family you want.

SEO Performance leveled up

Your site’s SEO performance is taken care of in Sun Framework with the microdata support.

Advanced built-in fields

A variety of tools such as icon picker, font selector, margin & padding box speed up your development work.


AJAX support in Sun Framework allows fast saving without reloading Joomla administration.


Accelerate the loading speed of your website with minified HTML, CSS, & JavaScript resources.

Sample Data Installation

Hit one single click to install sample data and get the “demo” look for your website.

More css power in FontAwesome 4.4

The rich collection of 670+ FontAwesome icons helps level up your CSS power.

BACKUP & RESTORE: a no-brain job

Import or export all your template settings with a single click.

Full RTL Compatibility

Fully RTL supported, Sun Framework just presents RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, etc. perfectly.

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