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YouTube Gallery Pro 5.2.3 UPDATED
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Youtube Gallery is a video media management solution for Joomla! The component that shows a video gallery - catalog of selected videos, Play Lists, Channels etc. Supports popular video hosting: Youtube, Vimeo, Break.com, Own3d.tv, UStream, Dailymotion, Present.me, College Humor, SoundCloud and local .FLV files.

Embed your Videos to Joomla website. Place Youtube Channel videos to an article.

  • Supports many Video Sources: Youtube, Vimeo, Break.com, Own3d.tv, UStream, Dailymotion, Present.me, College Humor, SoundCloud and local .FLV files;
  • Supports Youtube Playlist, Youtube User Uploads, Youtube User Favorites, Youtube Standard Feeds;
  • Supports Youtube Search;
  • Supports Youtube Show;
  • Supports Vimeo Channel, Vimeo Album, Vimeo User Uploads;
  • Supports Dailymotion Playlist;
  • Youtube Gallery comes as Component, Youtube Gallery Module and Youtube Gallery Plugin;
  • You can mix videos from different sources and mix playlists with individual videos;
  • It will update videos from Youtube (and others) playlist or channels automatically;
  • It can manage large video collections;
  • Create categories of Video Lists and mix them to form special lists etc;
  • Fetch latest videos from Youtube or Vimeo channel;
  • Get as maximum as possible information about the video including likes, views etc;
  • Downloadable free Themes;
  • Custom Layouts to satisfy any design;
  • Conditional tags in Custom Layout (If - End if);
  • Theme Import and Export (Pro Version) functionality (to share/distribute your art work);
  • Pagination;
  • Youtube Logo Cover;
  • Glass cover (to prevent click on video and go to Youtube);
  • Youtube Gallery has "Responsive" feature/option;
  • Facebook head tags preparation;
  • SEF links to videos (convert video title to the link);
  • Switch Video without Page reload or as new page;
  • Youtube Player settings: Autoplay, Repeat (loop), Allow Playlist, Fullscreen, Related Videos, Show Info, Controls, Mute Player, Initial Volume, Border, Primary Border Color, Secondary Border Color (most of these settings are applicable to other players as well);
  • Youtube Parameters (you may pass parameters like hd=1 directly to player).
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