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Shipment for Virtual Products 2.8.8
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Ships virtual products (software, music, videos, books) to your customers.


This plugin creates a link for downloadable products media and provide it to the customer via email and in the order view.
This links are not direct static links, they just generate after tests the correct download stream. 
Therefore the downloadable data can be stored outside of your http directory for safety reasons. You can attach more than one media file to a product. You can upload all type of media, even videos bigger than 1 GB.

It is possible to limit the downloads by:

  • maximum downloads all together
  • maximum days after the first download
  • downloads per time intervall
  • timeframe based


  • Show download icon
  • Show subscription hints in order view and product details
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Shipment for Virtual Products 2.0.20_1.1
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Shipment for Virtual Products 2.8.8
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