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Articles Anywhere Pro 12.5.2
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Articles Anywhere is a powerful plugin that allows you to insert articles anywhere on your site, including within modules, 3rd party components, and even inside other articles.

Not only you can place complete articles, but also only place specific data (like Title, Readmore Link, Text, Images, Custom Fields, etc). You have full control over how you want to display that data and how to style it.

This can change the way you use your articles completely. For instance:

  • Create custom modules displaying the article or articles you want.
  • Create pages that show a number of defined articles
  • Create your own custom blog layout pages/views
  • Create lists of article links (and other data)
  • Use an article as a content snippet, which you can include in multiple other articles/pages


  • Single Articles
    • Place any available data from any available article anywhere on your website
  • Custom styling
    • Style the data anyway you want by simply styling the data tags
  • Featured Images
    • Ability to place the Intro and Full Article images attached to the article
  • Select data tags via Editor Button
    • Option in editor button popup window to select the desired data
  • If Structures
    • Use simple if/else tags to conditionally output text/data
  • Multiple Articles based on filters
    • Use the articles tag to output multiple articles filtered by one or more Categories, Tags, Dates, Custom Fields, etc.
  • Control the output
    • Ability to order the articles by any field, limit the amount of results, pagination, and more
  • Wildcards
    • Use the * wildcard to filter by part of article titles, categories or tags
  • Content Images & Videos
    • Ability to place images and videos found inside the article's content
  • Image Resizing
    • Ability to automatically create resized images with your specified dimensions
  • Tags
    • Use the [tags] data tag to output the tags attached to an article
  • Custom Fields
    • Place any custom field (feature added in Joomla 3.7) attached to an article
  • Edit link
    • Show an edit link for logged in users that have the correct permissions
  • Advanced Security Control
    • Disable the ability to use the plugin by selected User Group Levels and Components
  • And more...
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Articles Anywhere Pro 12.5.2
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