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RSTickets! Pro 3.0.17 HOT
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RSTickets! Pro is a powerful customer support gateway, help desk / ticketing system, complete with staff groups, knowledgebase, departments and custom fields per each department.


  • Manage your customers' issues through the frontend or the backend.
  • Create custom fields - choose if they are mandatory or not, personalize validation messages, add custom HTML attributes.
  • Customize each department - setup custom fields, change email address, notify other emails,
  • Spam protection - protect the submission form with either the built-in CAPTCHA or ReCAPTCHA.
  • Total control - Assign staff members to multiple departments, create groups that your staff members belong to.
  • Customizable statuses - create any number of custom statuses on top of the built-in ones (open, on-hold, closed).
  • Priority levels - by default low, normal and high. Add any number of priorities you want!
  • Notify customers of inactivity - if customers don't reply in a timely manner, tickets can be closed automatically after a notification is sent.
  • Increased workflow - with the automatic ticket assignment you won't have to worry about assigning tickets, they get assigned load-balanced to each available staff member.
  • Better usability - only one form to complete and your customers will receive an automatically generated account and a copy of their ticket.
  • Knowledgebase - add articles & categories as resources for your clients to use.
  • Client's dashboard - a place where your client can search the knowledgebase, submit a ticket, view and search his own tickets.
  • Customize email messages - each email message sent by RSTickets! Pro can be customized.
  • Avatars - Gravatar, Community Builder, JomSocial, Kunena.
  • Three ways to view a ticket - plain (all information on the page), accordion or tabs (relevant information separated).
  • Ticket subjects - choose either predefined subjects or allow customers to enter their own subject.
  • Predefined searches - create quickly accessible links for your most common searches.


  • Dashboard
  • Tickets
  • Submit a ticket
  • Knowledgebase - Single Article
  • Knowledgebase - Layout
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