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Dependent Custom Fields For All 1.3.1
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Create dependent custom fields that load progressively.
Or set dependencies that will be displayed as static text.


  • Dynamic Dependencies
  • Dependent custom fields that load progressively
  • Static dependenciesThe admin needs to create the combinations once and then just pick/select those he wants to assign to each product.
  • Ideal for cases like "Make>Model>Year", where a product is compatible with several models.
  • Fast creation and assignment processIn a "Make>Model>Year" example, you just have to assign the "Year" (last level) in your products. All the rest (Make and Model) will be auto-assigned.
  • Just select the values of the last level custom field and all the others will be automatically propagated.
  • Multi-lingual
  • No more pain on translating your custom fields.
    Tramslate them, when you create them.
  • Filter your products by your custom fields, with our Custom Filters extension.
  • Fields can be set as "required". In this case the user is prompted to select an option if the field is empty. Otherwise he cannot add the product to the cart.
  • Manage all the existing custom field values from 1 point, without having to visit each product to modify a common used value.
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